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Hayani is a brand of modest clothing designed for women who want to be able to breastfeed anywhere, without constraints, with the style and comfort of home. It is intended for all women, whether they are mothers or not; because above all, they are pieces that are meant to be timeless and will last through the different stages of your life.

His name is a loving tribute to his daughter; Inayah, who was ultimately the driving force behind this entire adventure since it was following the difficulties encountered while breastfeeding her first child, that the designer wanted to imagine a solution that would respond to certain problems.

Hayani stands out today for its unique concept, its unique feminine and streetwear style, and the quality of its products on which it makes no concessions. Every detail counts.

It is also a company that carries ethical and committed values; there are no underpaid workers and short circuits are favored. Hayani is one of the rare brands on this market to favor made in France, in order to be equally involved in each stage of the creative process.

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